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Joined: 26th Mar 2015
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27th Mar 2015

CoD Name? : trmtx
Age? : 17
Where do you live? : Bosnia and Herzegowina
Old CoD Names? : I had more nick's.....Space,Sp1ke..
Ex-Clans? :  D&G,RooKie, ... i don't know now xD..
Playing Since? : 08
Xfire? : emirex99
Why us? :  Bcuz nice clan, good players, clean clan ...
What will you bring to the clan as a player? : Bcuz i'm good player, I'm very good in OMP , i have good  skills, i have AC and i'm nice player  
Do you have a microphone and  teamspeak 3? : Yes

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Joined: 28th Nov 2014
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30th Mar 2015

Thanks for posting your application, leadership will answer you soon.

Forum » Forums » Call of duty 1.1 Recruitment
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