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25th Apr 2015

CoD Name? :  Mazarini / Radeczek
Age? :  28
Where do you live? :  Czech Republic
Old CoD Names? : - 
Ex-Clans? :   
Playing Since? :  I've been playin 1.5 for fun about 3 years , CoD 1.1 also, competetive CoD 4 1.7 at years 07-11 for team ODM (2nd place on 10 years of Replay cup, sponsored by Gigabyte and Nvidia)
Xfire? :  I've got just teamspeak 3.
// edit xfire made : mazarini08
Why us? : Things in my life changed and since I have a different work time, I have a lot of time to play. I'd like to have some fun in wars in cod 1, in which I've been growing up.
What will you bring to the clan as a player? :  definitely skill, fun, smart play
Do you have a microphone and  teamspeak 3 ? : As I said, Yes

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Forum » Forums » Call of duty 1.1 Recruitment
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