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[Declined] flinky
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Joined: 29th Dec 2014
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29th Dec 2014

CoD Name? :  flinky
Age? :   25
Where do you live? :  Czech Republic
Old CoD Names? :  -
Ex-Clans? :   eSuba main team (
Playing Since? :  04
Xfire? :  never needed in 1.5, can download it
Why us? : Well I came to 1.1 to have the fun again as eSuba 1.5 team sadly closed. Seen some player with this tag many times, so I guess its pretty active.   
What will you bring to the clan as a player? :   Definitely skill, many experiences, hopefully get to higher level, maybe call some old mates from eSuba
Do you have a microphone and teamspeak 3? :  yes of course ... er=&cw_game2=CoD

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Joined: 27th Nov 2014
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29th Dec 2014

Would be nice that u make xfire, when u make it, add me : royalllz
And come on our teamspeak 3 server :

Thanks for posting your application, leadership will answer you soon.

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Joined: 28th Nov 2014
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31st Dec 2014

nice fake, in 1.5 we did need xfire, your xfire should be this isn't it? ... sers/dthm
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Forum » Forums » Call of duty 1.1 Recruitment Locked
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