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Joined: 27th Nov 2014
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27th Nov 2014

Requirments : 
16 years or older (exceptions are allowed if we are statisfied with your behaviour and skills)*
Teamspeak 3 installed with working microphone*
Be yourself in every situation *
Mature enough*
Proper English*
Using Veritas AC*

Copy the form below completely and put it into your new application topic.

General Player Informations :

CoD Name? :
Age? :
Where do you live? :
Old CoD Names? :
Ex-Clans? : 
Playing Since? :
Xfire? :
Why us? :
What will you bring to the clan as a player? :
Do you have a microphone and teamspeak 3? :

After this you are ready to post your application and then you need wait until our leadership review it and vote inside our private forum, you will get your reply after some time (not too long, 1-3 days max).
Thanks for understanding and being involved in our recruitment !

Good luck to everyone !


Ultimate leadership

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Forum » Forums » Call of duty 1.1 Recruitment Locked
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